John Vitrano

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Raised: January 16, 1969 Passed: August 15, 1968 Initiated: February 8, 1968 Entered into Rest: April 17, 2017 John was a dues paying member of our Lodge for 49 years, he had even paid his dues this...

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Edward Herve Baxter

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Raised: April 19, 1983 Passed: January 25, 1983 Initiated: September 14, 1982 Entered into Rest: February 7, 2017 Edward was a member of Half Moon Bay lodge and came to us in the merger.  Edward served as Treasurer of San Mateo Lodge in...

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Gordon McLeod

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Raised: March 23, 1961 Passed: January 26, 1961 Initiated: October 13, 1960 Entered into Rest: September 10, 2016 Gordon celebrated 50 years as a mason in 2011.  We held a very nice memorial service and reception here at the lodge for Gordon.  His Family made a very generous gift after the...

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Robert Addison Cissna Jr.

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Raised: November 13, 2003 Passed: August 28, 1986 Initiated: April 30, 1981 Entered into Rest: August 16, 2016 Bob was a long time Brother and a good friend to all of us here in San Mateo.  His Son, Son-In-Law and Grandson are also members of our Lodge.  Bob has the distinction of being the Brother who spent the most time as and Entered Apprentice, five years, and the most time as a Fellowcraft, 17 years.  Bob did not qualify for 25 year masonry at the time but in today’s system he would have been a 35 year mason. Bob – We miss you and look forward to seeing you again in that “celestial building that house not made with hands eternal in the...

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Joseph Hugh Rincon

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Raised: December 13, 1947 Passed: November 20, 1947 Initiated: October 9, 1947 Entered into Rest: February 14, 2016 Joseph affiliated with us in 1950.  He celebrated 50 years as a mason in...

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