Apr. 2017 From the East

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Greetings Brethren We are now about in the second quarter of this masonic year.  The Installation of the Officers is already done; we had many friends, brothers and families who decked out this magnificent event with their presence. That night was for me a beautiful and a memorable night. Many thanks for all your support, especially to the installation team. The brothers who set up the Lodge and helping in set up the tables and decoration for the dinner, so elegant and exquisite taste. The music in the installation was so inspirational, as well the entertaining music for the dinner time, and dancing too. Thank you for the tremendous and amazing time. This year as a Master I will focus in attract more candidates and strengthen strong bonds of friendship and fellowship with neighboring masons of others lodges around us. I strong believe that it is the only way to make our fraternity great and prosperous, without forgetting our families or for just an instant since they are our greatest value and support. We have some upcoming events like “Rebuilding Together”, our annual project that brings us the opportunity to make ourselves a little closer to our community and also gives a good time working together in harmony and brotherly love showing our professional skills in serving others who need it. “Brotherly Love, Relieve and Truth”. We just were starting. We have another event to come, so soon. We will have in our Stated Meeting for May the visiting of beauty in our Lodge. Our “First Ladies” who embellishes and harmonizes our lives, we will celebrate “mother’s day”. I expecting all the Officers wives to join and enjoy this particular event, maybe we could count with the attendance of our Ladies to join more frequently. Please don’t forget this important event.  We have more events but, those events to come depend of everyone working together as a real brother, and real friends, always looking the benefit for our Lodge, and enriching our lives and the lives of others. I think that is the real goal of Freemasonry and the legacy for those will come one day to join us.   Fraternally and Sincerely Bro. Tito F. Fuentes Master San Mateo #...

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Apr. 2016 From the East

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Dear Brethren and Family: First, I would like to thank the brethren for their kind and warm support and for electing me as Worshipful Master of the lodge and also Congratulations to all the 2016 incoming Officers in their respective positions. Our 144th Installation of Officers, under the kind patronage of the Most Worshipful Dave M. Perry, Grand Master of California, was a great and dignified day and I would like to thank personally all those who contributed their times to make it such a wonderful event. Please see page nn for more details and pictures. As I look forward to this year I see that there are, as always in our ancient and venerable order, a “few more things” to do in order to fine-tune the overall “lodge experience”. We will maintain a razor-sharp focus on our ritual with our Officers Coach, W. T. Barth, who with the greatest dedication helps each officer to hone his craft to his personal best. We will also continue to set aside, whenever possible, one hursday each month (generally the last) for Masonic Education. Please, stay posted for the practices, degrees, DSIs and educations schedules and always make your best effort to attend all lodge activities. The overall events and social calendar for 2016 is very much in line with the previous years. At this time, I will highlight three specific events: First, San Mateo #226 will again participate in the “Rebuilding Together” program under the supervision of our co-captains and Past Masters: Ron Edwards and James Ritter. This event is very dear to the hearts and consciences of the brethren of San Mateo Lodge #226, as we exemplify a Freemason’s dedication to his Community and within it, to those in need. This year however, our participation may not be on the same terms as usual. Effectively, the rather sudden announcement of the disappearance in whole (as expressed so far) of the sponsorship granted to us by the Burlingame Scottish Rite for so many years, took our organization committee by surprise. But Masons are a resourceful bunch and we are exploring all the possibilities that we can think of, to make sure that this “milestone” event will happen as expected by those who believe in us, Masons. Dedicated Brothers, such as our very own and wonderful John Nelson P.M., have already moved forward with pledging generous contributions, and we are also exploring the possibility to obtain grants from other local charitable organizations. Brethren, if you have other ideas, let us please hear them; no stone will be left unturned. Brothers and Friends, together, we will make this happen! So please and on this positive note, stay informed and mark the last Saturday...

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