2016 Outdoor Degree

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Our 2016 34th annual Outdoor 3rd Degree was held on September 10th at the Cresson Ranch.  We raised Brother Lee Koutoglou.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Many of the Brothers camped out the night before and enjoyed beef stew cooked over the campfire by W:.B:. Tom Barth and venison stew cooked by Bro:. Carlito Bade both were culinary delights.  The Brothers also enjoyed a special tasting of adult beverages.  Lunch was created and served by Brother Tom Barth PM and Brother Ron Edwards PM, there were steaks and all of the fixings.  Please join us at next years Degree which will be held on September 23rd 2017 with the camp-out on September 22nd both at the Cresson Ranch. – SEE YOU...

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Oct. 2016 From the West

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Greetings Brethren “In 1973, a small group of people in Midland, Texas, realized a growing need in their community. Their neighbors’ homes had fallen into disrepair and the homeowners could not afford to fix them on their own. They volunteered their time and skills to rehabilitate the homes of their neighbors. Realizing the potential impact of this work, the group formed Christmas in April, with the intent of performing repair and rehabilitation work in their community every April. News of the group’s good work spread slowly, but eventually achieved national recognition. The mission spread beyond the idea of providing service once a year in April to bringing together partners from all walks of life to help our neighbors year-round. We became Rebuilding Together and opened the national office in 1988. Today, Rebuilding Together has grown into premier nonprofit housing organization, garnering five consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator. Rebuilding Together is a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing with more than 40 years of experience. Together, with our corporate and community partners, we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities. Rebuilding Together local affiliates and nearly 100,000 volunteers complete about 10,000 rebuild projects nationwide each year.” As freemasons and a member of San Mateo Lodge #226, we are working with Rebuilding Together for a period of 17 years. San Mateo has been a sponsor and Burlingame Scottish Rite provided a financial support. San Mateo provided a group of voluntary brothers’ well skill in construction, electrician, painters, and gardeners. Also young group are invited to participate in this enthusiastic traditional community services. This year we not have our traditional partner from Burlingame, but this little impasse did not discourage but for contraire give us a favorable circumstance for progress in our firm purpose to continuing helping others. And give us a tremendous satisfaction to view our commitment complete. Thank you brothers for this amazing time for our Lodge and our community. We have a very enjoyable time in our traditional “outdoor 3 degree conferral” in Half Moon Bay, This year been the 35th Annual Outdoor degree. Our brother Leigh Courtelau was raised master mason. Was am extraordinary time to enjoy in our Friday night camping before the degree conferral.  We have a time for magnificent and delicious food prepared for our camping chef brother Tom Barth. Also we count with the nice testing “barley beers” diligent prepared for our brother James Ritter and some tobacco cigars as well.  This nice was a perfect and enjoyable night, the weather was fine. The next day we have visitor from Peninsula Lodge No. 168, and Crocker Lodge No. 212. After...

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Gordon McLeod

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Raised: March 23, 1961 Passed: January 26, 1961 Initiated: October 13, 1960 Entered into Rest: September 10, 2016 Gordon celebrated 50 years as a mason in 2011.  We held a very nice memorial service and reception here at the lodge for Gordon.  His Family made a very generous gift after the...

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Robert Addison Cissna Jr.

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Raised: November 13, 2003 Passed: August 28, 1986 Initiated: April 30, 1981 Entered into Rest: August 16, 2016 Bob was a long time Brother and a good friend to all of us here in San Mateo.  His Son, Son-In-Law and Grandson are also members of our Lodge.  Bob has the distinction of being the Brother who spent the most time as and Entered Apprentice, five years, and the most time as a Fellowcraft, 17 years.  Bob did not qualify for 25 year masonry at the time but in today’s system he would have been a 35 year mason. Bob – We miss you and look forward to seeing you again in that “celestial building that house not made with hands eternal in the...

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2016 Rebuilding Together

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Our 2016 Rebuilding Together community outreach was a great success!!  Thanks to all who participated, from Brothers and their wives to our DeMolay to Friends and local high school students as well as the Congregational Church across the street from the Lodge.  We had over 50 people at our house engaged in yard work, replacing the back fence, repairing the garage, electrical repair and indoor and outdoor painting.  Breakfast and Lunch were provided by the Lodge.  W:.B:. Ron Edwards the co-captain led the work parties.  W:.B:. John Nelson, Bro:. Dominick Gallagi and the Congregational Church made sizable donations which allowed our efforts to not be interrupted this year.  So a big thanks to all of them.  A great time was had by all. Make sure to mark the last Saturday in April next Year and come and join...

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Apr. 2016 Youth Group Reports

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Spring Term 2014 Peninsula Chapter DeMolay will be welcoming two new members and initiating them with Chapter double degrees. We will field a team for the Chapter Proficiency competition at NORCAL’s PRIDE (perfect ritual improves DeMolay in everyway) event in Sacramento on February 22nd. Join us on March 1st for the Seventh Annual Pasta Feed and Silent Auction at Burlingame Masonic Center. Every year, the guys from Peninsula Chapter raise money for charitable donation. Please support our guys on their path to becoming good citizens within the community and Masonic family…   The Redwood City Rainbow Girls Assembly #16 meets every 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at Peninsula Masonic Lodge, 1150 Arroyo Ave in San Carlos. We are always seeking new members! To become a Rainbow Girl, you do not need a Masonic affiliation to join. All you need is to be between the ages of 11 and 20, with a good sense of humor, enthusiasm, and a willingness to lend a hand to your community! Once per year, there is a gathering of all the Rainbow Girls in the state of California. Rainbow Grand Assembly is where girls meet in a fun, safe environment, to learn the important virtues, spirit, and camaraderie that Rainbows Girls can have. For any additional questions, please contact Bro. David Patterson (SW) at Peninsula Masonic Lodge at (650) 773-4006.   To the members of San Mateo Lodge; Greetings on behalf of Bethel 37! First, I would like to report that Bethel 37 is growing! We initiated a new member on February 25th. On that same note, to meet our Disneyland goal by June, we need to initiate three more members. With that goal in mind, we are having an open house on March 25th at the San Francisco Scottish Rite (2850 19th Ave., San Francisco) at 7:00 pm. We would love to have all of you join us. Please call if you have any questions! Fraternally, Marcy Christensen Bethel Guardian, Bethel 37, San Francisco, Job’s Daughters International Call/Text: (650) 400-5885 Or Email:...

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Apr. 2016 from the Secretary’s Table

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Greetings Brethren, I am happy to report to the brethren that during this past year our numbers did not shrink as a result of any of the Brothers at San Mateo Lodge joining that Celestial Lodge above.  However, we did lose 5 Brothers who demitted from the lodge, all of them had just affiliated the previous year. Our membership stands now at 138 Masons of which 131 are master Masons.  We initiated 2 Brothers, passed 2 Brothers and raised 1 Brother last year.  We also had an affiliation from out of state (actually from Japan). We remitted the dues of 15 Brothers and had 22 Brothers who did not pay their dues.  We currently have 56 Brothers who have not paid their dues this year.  Your dues are essential to our ability to make our Lodge work, get your dues in as soon as you can.  Brothers, please if you can not pay your dues contact me before June so that we might arrange a remit for you.  Do not leave your lodge to pay the Grand Lodge per capita if you are having difficulties. Remember, Life Membership is a great way to support your lodge even beyond your lifetime.  If you are thinking about this option please contact either myself or our Treasurer WB John Nelson. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of Brother Rathborne this past year but will not have any other 50 year masons for the next couple of years.  We also celebrated several 25 year anniversaries, and have several to celebrate this year.  Congratulations to those Brothers who will achieve this landmark anniversary. The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.—Vince Lombardi We hope to see you at lodge soon, Fraternally, James Ritter, PM Secretary...

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Apr. 2016 From the South

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Brethren: This Masonic year is off to a good start as we have several events coming over the next few months, the dates and times of which as planned are as follows: March 3, Thursday 6:30pm Stated Meeting – We will be enjoying Fried Chicken, Salad and mash potatoes for dinner, make reservations to my email address. April 7, Thursday 6:30pm Stated Meeting.  We will be enjoying Mediterranean style dinner, make reservations to my email address. April 30th Saturday 7am Our Rebuilding Together meeting @ San Mateo Lodge.  Under the guidance of Worshipful John Nelson and Worshipful Ron Edwards, we will roll out our skills and good wills to fix a home and provide relief to a deserving family, in our community, during this one day event. Come and join our work party, no job and no contribution is too small to make a difference. This will be followed by picnic at the park sponsored by rebuilding together organizers. May 5, Thursday 6:30pm Stated Meeting.  Join us for the “Cinco de Mayo” diner with a possible Asian style cuisine, make reservations to my email address. June 2nd Thursday 6:30pm Stated Meeting.  We will be enjoying Southern Bar-B-Que for dinner, make reservations to my email address. August 9th, Saturday BBQ Picnic @ Huddart Park, Kings Mountain Rd, Woodside, time and details to be announced. September 13th Saturday 9:00am Our Annual Outdoor 3rd Degree conferral plus the York Rite’s Mark Master Degree, @ the Cresson Ranch in Half Moon Bay.   Help us support our youth groups. The following are their upcoming events: March 8 Rainbow fund raising: The will be serving corned beef and cabbage. Tickets will be available soon. March 12 Peninsula DeMolay silent auction @ Burlingame. Ticket will be available soon. March 23 Wednesday Mason visitation to our DeMolay meeting. Officers are encourage to attend, we will be in our full regalia. Fraternally, Carlito Bade Junior Warden...

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Apr. 2016 From the West

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Greetings Brethren: I would like to congratulate every one of you who has been elected to serve for this year, may the Great Architect of the Universe provide for you an excellent, masonic year. My best wishes of prosperity in your usual vocation and of course harmony, peace, love and prosperity for your family. Our Masonic Installation of Officers was nice and full of splendor; we have had the tremendous opportunity to be installed by the hand of Our Grand Master of Masons of California M:.W:. David Perry, we have the participation of our GLO Assist Grand Lecture R:.W:. Jeffery Wilkins, GLO Wor. David Thorne Senior Grand Deacon and the Inspector at large for the division 3, W:.B:. Jordan Yelinek. My brothers thank you for elect me as your Senior Warden and deposit your trust in me. It’s an honor to serve our beloved Lodge and you for this year. A new Masonic year began with new challenges and a new expectation for everyone.  We already starting with a magnificent boot camp prepared for our Couch Worshipful Tom Barth. I can still hear in my ears from him “pardon my swag”. Encourage everyone in practice our ritual every day to make it nice, fluent and smooth. Thank you Wor. Brother for you time and passion and patience. We have 2 new candidates for initiation soon.  Please make the arrangement necessary to be present in that memorable night and support the candidates and your Lodge. Brethren we need you. This year our strong purpose shall be attract new members, so your support is crucial to be success in this commitment. We will improve our meetings. We will improve our Lodge of Instructions and of course, our initiations and solemn ceremonies like our Chain of Union, entrance and circumvallation ceremony. Finally I would like to encourage anyone of you my brother in participate in our activities, we need you. Please come, share a good time with us, we are more than happy to see you and spend a good time with you, not only for degrees, but some time also fundraising and support activities for our young group of people who need us. Fraternally Yours, Tito Fuentes Senior Warden...

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Apr. 2016 From the East

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Dear Brethren and Family: First, I would like to thank the brethren for their kind and warm support and for electing me as Worshipful Master of the lodge and also Congratulations to all the 2016 incoming Officers in their respective positions. Our 144th Installation of Officers, under the kind patronage of the Most Worshipful Dave M. Perry, Grand Master of California, was a great and dignified day and I would like to thank personally all those who contributed their times to make it such a wonderful event. Please see page nn for more details and pictures. As I look forward to this year I see that there are, as always in our ancient and venerable order, a “few more things” to do in order to fine-tune the overall “lodge experience”. We will maintain a razor-sharp focus on our ritual with our Officers Coach, W. T. Barth, who with the greatest dedication helps each officer to hone his craft to his personal best. We will also continue to set aside, whenever possible, one hursday each month (generally the last) for Masonic Education. Please, stay posted for the practices, degrees, DSIs and educations schedules and always make your best effort to attend all lodge activities. The overall events and social calendar for 2016 is very much in line with the previous years. At this time, I will highlight three specific events: First, San Mateo #226 will again participate in the “Rebuilding Together” program under the supervision of our co-captains and Past Masters: Ron Edwards and James Ritter. This event is very dear to the hearts and consciences of the brethren of San Mateo Lodge #226, as we exemplify a Freemason’s dedication to his Community and within it, to those in need. This year however, our participation may not be on the same terms as usual. Effectively, the rather sudden announcement of the disappearance in whole (as expressed so far) of the sponsorship granted to us by the Burlingame Scottish Rite for so many years, took our organization committee by surprise. But Masons are a resourceful bunch and we are exploring all the possibilities that we can think of, to make sure that this “milestone” event will happen as expected by those who believe in us, Masons. Dedicated Brothers, such as our very own and wonderful John Nelson P.M., have already moved forward with pledging generous contributions, and we are also exploring the possibility to obtain grants from other local charitable organizations. Brethren, if you have other ideas, let us please hear them; no stone will be left unturned. Brothers and Friends, together, we will make this happen! So please and on this positive note, stay informed and mark the last Saturday...

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