Jun. 2017 From the West

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Lodge Outreach Program Brethren, when we joined the Fraternity we took a solemn obligation of helping a Brother, his widow and family when they need it. When this time arises, fulfilling our Masonic obligation comes in many ways. One option is that you can assist him in reaching out to a group that can help him/her provide this most needed assistance. Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) is a program by the Masonic Homes of California, which provides assistance to a distressed brother, his widow and family for their health, shelter, or financial assistance. It’s amazing how this outreach services is available to the brethren who is in need. I recently learned about the availability of Masonic relief program when I attended the Lodge Outreach Program orientation held at the Masonic Home in union city on May 13, 2017, conducted by MOS staff to spread information that there is help out there. There are three categories of Masonic relief assistance available: Masonic Senior Outreach Service MSOS), Masonic Family Outreach Service (MFOS), and Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF). To use this assistance, there are per-qualifications that need to be meet. For the brethren that wanted to help a distressed Brother, his widow and/or his family, you can assist by first asking and informing him/her that you are willing to help thru the MOS. If your offer is accepted, you can call the MOS at 888-466-3642. They can also offer guidance regarding how to approach a Brother you believe is in need of assistance. As the Lodge Outreach Program representative, I am publishing this preliminary article to spread the message. More specific information regarding MSOS, MFOS and MCYAF will be published soon. Carlito Bade Senior...

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Apr. 2017 From the East

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Greetings Brethren We are now about in the second quarter of this masonic year.  The Installation of the Officers is already done; we had many friends, brothers and families who decked out this magnificent event with their presence. That night was for me a beautiful and a memorable night. Many thanks for all your support, especially to the installation team. The brothers who set up the Lodge and helping in set up the tables and decoration for the dinner, so elegant and exquisite taste. The music in the installation was so inspirational, as well the entertaining music for the dinner time, and dancing too. Thank you for the tremendous and amazing time. This year as a Master I will focus in attract more candidates and strengthen strong bonds of friendship and fellowship with neighboring masons of others lodges around us. I strong believe that it is the only way to make our fraternity great and prosperous, without forgetting our families or for just an instant since they are our greatest value and support. We have some upcoming events like “Rebuilding Together”, our annual project that brings us the opportunity to make ourselves a little closer to our community and also gives a good time working together in harmony and brotherly love showing our professional skills in serving others who need it. “Brotherly Love, Relieve and Truth”. We just were starting. We have another event to come, so soon. We will have in our Stated Meeting for May the visiting of beauty in our Lodge. Our “First Ladies” who embellishes and harmonizes our lives, we will celebrate “mother’s day”. I expecting all the Officers wives to join and enjoy this particular event, maybe we could count with the attendance of our Ladies to join more frequently. Please don’t forget this important event.  We have more events but, those events to come depend of everyone working together as a real brother, and real friends, always looking the benefit for our Lodge, and enriching our lives and the lives of others. I think that is the real goal of Freemasonry and the legacy for those will come one day to join us.   Fraternally and Sincerely Bro. Tito F. Fuentes Master San Mateo #...

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John Vitrano

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Raised: January 16, 1969 Passed: August 15, 1968 Initiated: February 8, 1968 Entered into Rest: April 17, 2017 John was a dues paying member of our Lodge for 49 years, he had even paid his dues this...

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Apr. 2017 From the West

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Greetings and Salutations We started our year with great expectations ahead.  Do-able goals were set to meet these expectations.  In general, we have allocated Thursdays as Masonic enrichment, whether for rituals and or education.  We are planning upcoming events for community service, degree conferral, lady’s night, feasts, camping and other activities for our masonic family. The DSI (Distric School of Instruction) is one great tool for learning, especially for the officers, it is not only meeting and socializing with your fellow brothers and officers in different lodges in your district but it’s the avenue for first hand receiving information from the Grand lodge thru the Grand Lodge representative the District Inspector.  Let me take this opportunity as a quick reminder, all officers should be at the scheduled DSI unless excused with a valid reason. San Mateo Lodge officers and members together with their family and friends are encouraged to support the Grand lodge Annual Masons for Mitts.  This endeavor enables the grand lodge to help kids in many aspects.  It’s not only fun for us but the purpose of helping kids to grow and develop with pride and awareness is a great cause.  Please visit https://www.masons4mitts.org/  for more detailed information. It is hoped that together we will work toward seeing these expectations attained this year.  Together we grow and make ourselves available to improve ourselves in masonry by being involved with all of these goals. Fraternally, Carlito Bade Senior Warden – From the...

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Edward Herve Baxter

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Raised: April 19, 1983 Passed: January 25, 1983 Initiated: September 14, 1982 Entered into Rest: February 7, 2017 Edward was a member of Half Moon Bay lodge and came to us in the merger.  Edward served as Treasurer of San Mateo Lodge in...

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2016 Other Events

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During 2016 we have had some other special events.  In December we celebrated our 3rd annual table lodge.  We also had a double 1st degree.  Please see all of our upcoming events in the Brethren Take Notice Section of this...

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Oct. 2016 From the South

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Brethren, 2016 came and went fast.  We have had a bountiful year this year that nourished our body, mind, and soul. To recap our years’ events, we have completed our twelve stated meetings and the highlight of that was the successful December table lodge meeting.  We hosted the Scheduled DSI’s in our masonic district. We did our annual rebuilding together and fixed the house of our less fortunate community member and made their dwelling more livable. We celebrated the feast of Saint John for the first time.  We successfully did our pancake breakfast,  we participated and donated to our youth group activities, grand lodge activities and others. The years activities were all a success thanks to all the Brothers, Sisters, family and friends who help this become realized and well attended. Looking forward for the year ahead, Carlito Bade From the Junior Warden in the...

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