Lodge Outreach Program

Brethren, when we joined the Fraternity we took a solemn obligation of helping a Brother, his widow and family when they need it. When this time arises, fulfilling our Masonic obligation comes in many ways. One option is that you can assist him in reaching out to a group that can help him/her provide this most needed assistance. Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) is a program by the Masonic Homes of California, which provides assistance to a distressed brother, his widow and family for their health, shelter, or financial assistance. It’s amazing how this outreach services is available to the brethren who is in need.

I recently learned about the availability of Masonic relief program when I attended the Lodge Outreach Program orientation held at the Masonic Home in union city on May 13, 2017, conducted by MOS staff to spread information that there is help out there.

There are three categories of Masonic relief assistance available: Masonic Senior Outreach Service MSOS), Masonic Family Outreach Service (MFOS), and Masonic Center for Youth and Families (MCYAF). To use this assistance, there are per-qualifications that need to be meet. For the brethren that wanted to help a distressed Brother, his widow and/or his family, you can assist by first asking and informing him/her that you are willing to help thru the MOS. If your offer is accepted, you can call the MOS at 888-466-3642. They can also offer guidance regarding how to approach a Brother you believe is in need of assistance.

As the Lodge Outreach Program representative, I am publishing this preliminary article to spread the message. More specific information regarding MSOS, MFOS and MCYAF will be published soon.

Carlito Bade

Senior Warden