Greetings and Salutations

We started our year with great expectations ahead.  Do-able goals were set to meet these expectations.  In general, we have allocated Thursdays as Masonic enrichment, whether for rituals and or education.  We are planning upcoming events for community service, degree conferral, lady’s night, feasts, camping and other activities for our masonic family.

The DSI (Distric School of Instruction) is one great tool for learning, especially for the officers, it is not only meeting and socializing with your fellow brothers and officers in different lodges in your district but it’s the avenue for first hand receiving information from the Grand lodge thru the Grand Lodge representative the District Inspector.  Let me take this opportunity as a quick reminder, all officers should be at the scheduled DSI unless excused with a valid reason.

San Mateo Lodge officers and members together with their family and friends are encouraged to support the Grand lodge Annual Masons for Mitts.  This endeavor enables the grand lodge to help kids in many aspects.  It’s not only fun for us but the purpose of helping kids to grow and develop with pride and awareness is a great cause.  Please visit  for more detailed information.

It is hoped that together we will work toward seeing these expectations attained this year.  Together we grow and make ourselves available to improve ourselves in masonry by being involved with all of these goals.


Carlito Bade

Senior Warden – From the West