Many of the United States’ – and the world’s – most respected men have been Masons. These accomplished individuals include:

Astronauts: Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper, Virgil Grissom

Authors and Poets: Robert Burns, Voltaire, Sir Walter Scott, Goethe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling

Aviators: Charles Lindbergh, James H. Doolittle, Eddie Rickenbacker

Business Leaders: J.C. Penney, Henry Ford, Dave Thomas, John Wanamaker

Composers: John Philip Sousa, George M. Cohen, Irving Berling, Wofgang Mozart

Entertainers: Roy Rogers, Clark Gable, Oliver Hardy, John Wayne, Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, Arthur Godfrey, Red Skelton, Danny Thomas, Burl Ives, Jonathan Winters, Duke Ellington

Explorers: Lewis and Clark, Commodore Perry, Admiral Byrd

Frontiersmen: Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill Cody, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie

Military Leaders: The Duke of Wellington, Sir Winston Churchill, Admiral John Paul Jones, Marquis de Lafayette, General Douglas McArthur, Paul Revere, Simon Bolivar, Benito Juarez, Sam Houston, Napoleon Bonaparte, Peter the Great

Presidents: George Washington, and 13 others, including Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford

Eight signers of the Declaration of Independence, eight signers of the Articles of Confederation and 13 signers of the U.S. Constitution, including Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock